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Produkcja Lotnicza


Wiet-Pol has long-term experience in engineering tooling production for own needs and for individual customer order.

Wiet-Pol produces the following types of engineering tooling:

  • milling
  • turning
  • drilling
  • welding
  • measuring
  • assembling
  • electroplating
  • tooling for special processes

Wiet-Pol products and services are also:

  • permanent moulds
  • casting moulds
  • stamping dies
  • small metal constructions
  • welding: TIG and MIG methods
  • laser cutting services
  • spray painting
  • heat treatment

Obróbka skrawaniem

  • CNC turning: maximum material diameter is 630 mm
  • CNC milling of parts, maximum overall dimensions are      850x700x650
  • regeneration and production of machines elements
  • cutting of sheets with CNC controlling

Obróbka galwanotechniczna

WIETPOL Aerospace offers high quality electroplating for steel and aluminium. Products are racked for electroplating but also can be electroplating in drums. WIETPOL Aerospace executes the orders for anodizing and colouring of aluminium and also zinc-coating.

WIETPOL Aerospace makes the following processes:

  • anodizing of aluminium alloys
  • aluminium dying (WIETPOL speciality is black colour)
  • weak-acid zinc coating with colourless or yellow chromate coat
  Colourless anodizing pots 1300x600x3200
  Colourful anodizing pots 900x600x900
  Galvanizing pots 1400x800x3300
  Automatic galvanizing line 1200x700x2100
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