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Produkcja Lotnicza

Obróbka skrawaniem

Machining accounts for 65% of Wiet-Pol production. CNC machining centers, traditional metal working machines, grinding machines are used for metal processing. The most frequent machined materials are:

  • titanium
  • steel
  • toughened steel
  • chrome-nickel
  • inconel
  • aluminium alloys
  • plastic


Deburring of civil and military aircraft parts is the second important part of Wiet-Pol production.

Final receiver of Wiet-Pol products are well known aviation companies such as:

  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Gulfstream

Modelowanie i programowanie w CATIA

CATIA is an advanced system which supports work of Wiet-Pol process engineers. This application enables to create models of single  elements using different modeling methods, to define assemblies, to generate assembly and working drawings and to prepare manufacturing processes. Creating of CNC programs is based on 3D modelling
and it is prepared in CAD system.


Conducting of simple and easy measurements, getting high accuracy and stability is guaranteed by using high class of measurement devices which consists of:

  • CMM measuring machine DEA Global Status: x700; y1000; z500, HEXAGON Global Advantage x900, y2000, z800      
  • Stereocopic microscope MST 200 with programme appropriate for image analysis
  • Setting device Kelch
  • Hardness testing machine type KP15002
  • Portable Surface Finish Measuring Instrument
  • Calibration services for selected measurements group

Cechowanie wyrobów

An important element of aviation production is marking. It is done using electrochemical and percussive methods.

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