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1979 -  Jan Wietecha (Piotr’s father) runs a locksmith’s shop at Tarnowiec near JasÅ‚o. He produces components for aircraft engine stands, fasteners used in the power industry as well as pipe line parts for the mining industry
1987 - The Piotr Wietecha Locksmith’s Shop is established
1996 - The shop is moved into new buildings, 2600 m2 in area, and the production range increases
1997 - The first disabled people are employed. The company obtains the status of the Workplace for the Disabled.
1998 - Wiet-Pol becomes one of the Goodrich Krosno suppliers.
2003 - A new production building, 3800 m2 in area, is purchased in Krosno (in the neighbourhood of Godrich Krosno and WSK Krosno).
2004 - The company is acknowledged by Goodrich a supplier complying with the AS 9100 standard and starts co-operation with WSK “PZL-Rzeszów” (a United Technology Corp. company) in production of air engine components for Pratt & Withney Canada.
2005 - The company seat is  moved from Tarnowiec to Krosno. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified.
2006 - Wiet-Pol becomes co-founder and member of the Aviation Valley Assosiation
2007 - EN 9100:2003 and ISO 9001:2000 certified. Wiet-Pol becomes certified supplier of Goodrich and Fair Play 2007 company.
2008 - Wiet-Pol becomes Fair Play 2008 company
2009 - Wiet-Pol becomes Fair Play 2009 company-Gold Certificate
2010 - Wiet-Pol becomes Fair Play 2010 company
2011 - Wiet-Pol got concession in range of production and trade of military and police products defined in WT V

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